Empowering Consumers

Australia's energy markets operate under a set of rules and regulations that have a clear objective - to meet the long-term interests of consumers.

Consumer choices and protections have been enhanced over the past 25 years through a series of major reforms. National laws have been introduced in most states and territories to ensure that most markets are regulated by a set of nationally consistent laws. Where these laws are not in place governments are working to ensure the rules governing electricity and gas markets and consumer protections are as consistent as possible.

Increasing Choice

The Council's Power of Choice initiatives will give consumers greater options in the way they source and use electricity through reforms which support the rollout of advanced meters and the development of innovative tariffs and energy services. This will help to empower consumers to make informed choices about their energy supply and use and decide which best meets their needs.

Consumer protections and advocacy

Australian consumers rely on access to a reliable supply of energy. Ensuring that consumers have fair and honest dealings with energy businesses provides them with the confidence to make good choices with their use and supply of energy.

Reducing regulatory complexity and lowering barriers for energy service providers to enter the market means more competition and more opportunities for consumers to control their energy use and bills.

Along with increasing competition have come stronger consumer protections through the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF).

Consumers also have a voice in energy market matters through the creation of Energy Consumers Australia, a national advocacy body that aims to inform regulatory and policy decisions impacting on consumers.