Consultation on draft regulatory amendments to increase transparency in the gas market

Publication date: Thursday, 19th November 2020.

A consultation package has been released on draft regulatory amendments to give effect to gas market transparency reforms that were endorsed by Energy Ministers in March 2020.

The transparency reform measures seek to enhance transparency in the eastern and northern Australian Gas markets, addressing information gaps and asymmetries relating to gas and infrastructure prices, supply and availability of gas, gas demand, and infrastructure used to supply gas to end-markets.

To implement the transparency measures, changes are required to the National Gas Law, and associated regulations and rules. The proposed changes to the law, regulations and rules are the subject of this consultation process.

Alongside the draft regulatory amendments, which can be accessed through the links below,  a consultation paper has been prepared to guide stakeholders through the amendments, and seek stakeholder views on the following:

  • implementation of regulatory amendments;

  • policy clarifications (see sections 5-8);

  • transitional arrangements (see section 10);

  • incidental amendments proposed for Parts 15B and 18 of the Rules (see section11);

  • proposed civil penalty provisions and their associated penalty tier (see section 12);

  • options to address minor technical issues in the law (see section 13).


Submissions are invited by 5PM AEST on 17 December 2020. Stakeholders should send their submissions via email to Submissions should include the subject “Gas transparency regulatory reforms.”

To assist stakeholders in providing input, a response template is provided at Attachment B below. Stakeholders are strongly encouraged to use this template when providing feedback. Stakeholders need only address those issues of particular interest or concern.

Submissions will be published on the Energy Ministers’ website, as will the names of stakeholders who made submissions. If you would prefer your submission to remain confidential, please advise in the covering email that the submission is to be treated as confidential.


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