Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 16 - Economic Regulation of Network Service Providers under the National Electricity Law and National Gas Law

Publication date: Friday, 30th August 2013.

On 3 May 2013 the former Standing Council on Energy and Resources, based on comprehensive advice from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and the Australian Energy Market Commission, agreed to amend the National Electricity Law and National Gas Law to clarify the AER's functions and powers in respect of:

  • compulsory powers to collect information;
  • performance reporting functions;
  • annual benchmarking reports; and
  • the publication of information.

Released on 30 August 2013, Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 16 released the draft Statutes Amendment (National Electricity and Gas Laws - Information Collection and Publication) Bill 2013, which sought to make the necessary amendments, as well as an explanatory document that provided further background and a high level overview of the proposed legislative amendments. Stakeholders were also invited to provide submissions on the draft Bill.

All stakeholder submissions received in response to this consultation process are available below, excluding where stakeholders clearly indicated that a submission should remain confidential, either in whole or in part.

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