Post 2025 Market Design Directions Paper - January 2021

Publication date: Tuesday, 05th January 2021.

In September 2020, the Energy Security Board (ESB) released a consultation paper that outlined reform options under consideration as part of the Post-2025 market design project. The ESB published over 90 submissions from a broad range of stakeholders responding to the paper. This paper provides a high-level summary of stakeholder feedback and, having considered this feedback, sets out the consolidated reform directions the ESB proposes to pursue as part of the Post-2025 project

Next steps: The ESB will continue to work with the Post-2025 project advisory groups, jurisdictions and other stakeholders to develop the detailed market design for these options ahead of further public consultation in March. A number of accompanying papers have been released seeking feedback on specific elements of the Post-2025 reform agenda.

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