Retailer Reliability Obligation Rules

Publication date: Wednesday, 05th June 2019.

The Energy Security Board (ESB) has released its revised National Electricity Rules and a comparison version of the Rules which would give effect to the Retailer Reliability Obligation. These proposed Rules take into account stakeholder feedback to the Retailer Reliability Obligation Draft Rules Consultation Paper released 8 March 2019.

Changes to new Chapter 10 definitions, all of Chapter 4A and transitional provisions are comparisons against the consultation version released on 8 March.  In other cases, it was easier to show changes to the existing provisions in the Rules rather than as changes to the consultation version given the renumbering and reordering involved.  This is made clear in the notes on the front page.  Please also note the caveat on the front page.

These Rules were agreed by the COAG Energy Council on 4 June 2019. The Rules must now be made by the South Australian Minister before they take effect on 1 July.

An explanatory paper and proposed National Electricity Rules Amendments can be found below.


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